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Oil supply and prices have profound economic consequences for different companies, industries, and nations.  Building on the broad macro-economic scenarios examined on Day 1, this session explored how a constrained oil supply affects different sectors of the global economy, and the relative economic advantages and geopolitical relationships among nations. Central questions included:

  • How will a constrained oil supply affect the demand and supply dynamics of different industries?
  • How will a constrained oil affect America’s competitiveness and economic standing relative to other industrial nations—including emerging economies such as China and India and different members of the European Union.
  • What immediate economic and geopolitical issues and factors would the United States need to address in an acute oil supply crisis?

Steven Kopits
Managing Director, Douglas-Westwood

Steven Kopits is the Managing Director of Douglas Westwood LLC (USA).  He has more than 20 years experience in strategic management consulting and investment banking. He has raised capital for oil and gas technologies companies, assisted oil majors in acquisition and disposal projects, and assisted power companies with plant acquisition and divestiture due diligence. Steven most recently worked for the investment bank of Dahlman Rose & Co. and earlier for New Jersey power developer LS Power. He worked in Central Europe for many years, including as a Director for Financial Advisory Services at Deloitte & Touche and as a Senior Consultant to the Barents Group, a KPMG subsidiary.