A Midnight Ride for Peak Oil
Boston University, October 26-27

Day 1

Recent Exploration Trends and Implications for Future Petroleum Liquids Supply
Michael Rodgers – Partner, PFC Energy

Natural Gas in North America – Should We Be Worried?
David Hughes – Canadian Geological Survey

Q&A – Michael Rodgers, David Hughes

Reserves: What They Mean and How They Are Calculated
Jeremy Gilbert – Barrelmore Ltd; Former Chief Petroleum Engineer, BP

The 51st State: Peak Oil Denial
Matthew Simmons – Chairman, Simmons & Co. International

Q&A – Jeremy Gilbert, Matt Simmons

Is Peak Oil Here?
Stuart Staniford – Invicta Consulting

Petroleum Depletion — What does the Data Indicate?
Art Smith – Chairman & CEO, John S. Herold Inc

Unconventional Oil – Panacea or Pipe Dream?
David Hughes – Geological Survey of Canada

Unconventional Liquid Fuels Overview
Jim Bartis – Rand Corporation

Liquefied Natural Gas: Current Trends and Future Directions
Ezra Hausman, PhD

Biomass-Derived Transporation Fuels to Meet Sustainability & Security Objectives
Lee Lynd – Dartmouth University

Offshore Wind Power Potential in the United States
Jim Gordon – Cape Wind Power Project

PV Solar Opportunities and Barriers
Steven Strong – Solar Design Associates, Inc.

Limits and Sustainability
John Darnell – Energy Advisor to Congressman Bartlett


Day 2

It’s the Economy, Stupid
Robert Kaufmann – Boston University

Geopolitics of Peak Oil and the Macroeconomics of Multiple Petrocurrencies
William Clark – John Hopkins University

Economic Implications of Liquid Fuel Mitigation Options in the US
Roger Bezdek Ph.D. – Management Information Services, Inc.

Robert Kaufmann, William Clark, and Roger Bezdek – Q&A

Opportunities for Reducing Oil Demand for Transportation
John B. Heywood – Director, Sloan Automotive Laboratory, M.I.T.

Sustainable Mobility and the Development of Advanced Technology Vehicles
Bill Reinert – Toyota Motor Sales, USA

The Plug-in Hybrid for Sustainability W/O Oil using Renewable Energy
Andy Frank – University of California – Davis

John Heywood, Bill Reinert, and Andy Frank – Q&A

Speaking Truth to Power
Randy Udall – ASPO-USA Board Member

Randy Udall Q&A

China’s Automobile Growth and Implications for World Oil Markets
Kelly Sims Gallagher – Harvard University

Geostrategic Implications of Peak Oil Theory
Michael Klare – Director of the Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies

Michael Klare, Kelly Sims Gallagher – Q&A

Energy Quality, Net Energy and the Coming Energy Transition
Cutler Cleveland – Boston University

Order from Chaos: A Preliminary Protocol for Determining EROI for Fuels
Charles Hall – State University of New York, Syracuse

World Energy Modeling
Dick Lawrence – ASPO-USA Board Member

Public Policy: What Works, What Doesn’t
Mark Pisano – Southern California Association of Governments

Julian Darley – Founder of Post Carbon Institute

Energy Action in Boston
Carl Spector – Air Pollution Control Commission – Boston, MA

The Oil Depletion Protocol
Richard Heinberg – New College of California

Richard Heinberg, Julian Darley, Mark Pisano, Carl Spector – Q&A

Taking Local Action
Debbie Cook – ASPO-USA Board Member

Awards 2006 ASPO-USA Conference