Houston, We Have an Opportunity
Houston, TX, October 17-20


Supply Side Updates

Peak Oil: Exploring the Risk Factors
Robert Hirsch – Senior Energy Advisor, Management Information Services Inc.; Co-Author, Peaking of World Oil Production: Impacts, Mitigation, and Risk Management (“the Hirsch Report”)

Megaprojects Update
Chris Skrebowski – Editor, Petroleum Review, UK Energy Institute

Views on Production

Delayed vs. Imminent Peakers: Conceptual and Empirical Questions Regarding Reserves Growth
Richard Nehring – President, Nehring Associates

The Devil is in the Data
Jeremy Gilbert – Managing Director, Barrelmore Ltd.; Former Chief Petroleum Engineer, BP

Richard Nehring, Jeremy Gilbert – Q&A

Peak Oil in Mexico: Outlook to 2015
George Baker – Publisher, Mexico Energy Intelligence

On Minerals and the China Syndrome
Vince Matthews – Colorado State Geologist

Day 1 – Lunch Presentation

Gauging Risks of Peak Oil and Gas: Limits to Growth
Matthew Simmons – Chairman, Simmons & Co. International

A Strategic Perspective on 21st Century Energy Challenges
Tom Petric – Energy Analyst

Q&A with Tom Petric

Two Key Oil Issues

How the Game is Changing
Joe Gladbach – Managing Director, Jeffries Randall & Dewey

The Exporters’ Dilemma: Rising Domestic Consumption and Flat or Falling Production
Jeffrey J. Brown – Independent Petroleum Geologist

Joe Gladbach, Jeffrey Brown – Q&A

Beyond Oil

Natural Gas and Coal: Some Challenging Facts
David Hughes – Canadian Geological Survey

Nuclear Power: Pros, Cons, and the Efficiency Card
Scott Pugh – Energy Advisor, Department of Homeland Security

How Good is Our Bet on Biofuels?
Kyriacos Zygourakis – Chair, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Rice University

Peak Oil and the Media
Tom Whipple – CIA Analyst (Ret.); Editor, Peak Oil Review, Peak Oil News

Featured Commentary and Summary Responses

James Howard KunstlerAuthor, The Long Emergency

The Rationales for Different Perspectives on Peak Oil: An Informed Dialogue

An Informed Dialogue – Part 1
An Informed Dialogue – Part 2

Moderator: Robert Hirsch – Senior Energy Advisor, MISI
• Richard Nehring – President, Nehring Associates
• Jeremy Gilbert – Managing Director, Barrelmore Ltd.; Fmr. Chief Petroleum Engineer, BP
• Mark Gaffigan – Government Accountability Office (GAO)
• Mariano Gurfinkel – The University of Texas
• Randy Udall – President, ASPO-USA
• Roger Bezdek – President, Management Information Services Inc.; Co-Author, “the Hirsch Report”

Economic Impacts

Exploring the Impact of Resource Constraints
Peter Tertzakian – Author, “A Thousasand Barrels a Second”

Transportation Responses

Moderator: Terry Penney – National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Aviation After Peak Oil
Roger Bezdek – President, MISI; Co-Author, the “Hirsch Report”

Rail in a Peak Oil World
Alan Drake – Consulting Engineer

Plug-In Hybrid Technology Update
Justin Ward – Toyota

Roger Bezdek, Alan Drake, Justin Ward – Q&A

National, State, and Local Energy Policy Responses

Summary from the Portland Peak Oil Task Force
John Kaufmann – Oregon Department of Energy

The View from a Municipal Utility
Roger Duncan – Deputy Manager, Austin Energy

Options at the State Level
Mary Margaret Whipple – Virginia State Senator

View from the U.S. Congress
John Darnell – Energy Advisor, Office of Rep. Roscoe Bartlett

Summary from Southern California Association of Governments
Debbie Cook – Huntington Beach (CA) City Council and Mayor Pro-Tem

Texas Production History and Revenue from Oil and Gas
Elizabeth Ames Jones – Texas Railroad Commission

Q&A – Peak Oil: National, State, and Local Energy Responses

Day 2 – Lunch Presentation

Hon. Bill White – Mayor, City of Houston

Afternoon Sessions

Houston After Peak Oil: Scenarios (video pending)
Peter Bishop – Professor, Future Studies Program, University of Houston
Seth Itzkan – Analyst-Futurist, Planet-TECH Associates

Remarks from an Oil Industry Veteran (video pending)
Henry Groppe – Partner and Founder, Groppe Long and Littell

Interview and Roundtable Discussion – Featuring T. Boone Pickens
T. Boone Pickens – Founder, BP Capital Management LP
Charles T. Maxwell – Senior Energy Analyst, Weeden & Co.
Henry Groppe – Partner and Founder, Groppe Long and Littell

Summary Responses and Closing Remarks
Kyle Saunders – Professor, Colorado State University

Impacts of Fossil Fuel Peaking on Global Climate Change

Peak Oil and Climate Change: Examining the Interactions
Randy Udall – President, ASPO-USA

Hubbert’s Peak, The Coal Question, and Climate Change
David Rutledge – Professor and Chair, Division of Engineering and Applied Science, California Institute of Technology

Implications of Peak Oil for Atmospheric CO2 and Climate
Pushkar Kharecha – NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies

Smart Money and Peak Oil

Feature Presentation
Charles T. Maxwell – Senior Energy Analyst, Weeden & Co.

Panel Discussion Part 1
Richard Vodra – Spire Investment Partners
Jim Hansen – KMS Financial Services
Jim Baldauf – Apex Resources
Moderator: Leslie Haines – Editor, Oil and Gas Investor

Panel Discussion Part 2 – Q&A

Peak Oil: Some Views from Europe

David StrahanFilmmaker; Author, “The Last Oil Shock”

The Road to Damascus

Aage FigenschouSimmons & Co. International