The Next Oil Crisis:  Is the Boom Just Another Bust?
The University of Texas at Austin, November 30-December 1

Conference Highlights Video

Day 1

Welcome, Opening Remarks
Jan Lars Mueller – Executive Director, ASPO-USA
Jim Baldauf – President Emeritus and Co-Founder, ASPO-USA; Conference Co-Chair
Raymond Orbach – Executive Director, UT Energy Institute; Conference Co-Chair

Peak Oil Knowns and Unknowns
Robert Hirsch – Senior Energy Advisor, Management Information Systems Inc.

North American Oil Outlook: Abundance or Mirage?

Unconventional Crude Oil: New Sources of Supply?
Laura Atkins – Director of Global Petroleum Research, Hart Energy

Unconventional Oil & Gas Reserves: Mountains or Molehills?
Scott Tinker – Texas State Geologist; Director, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas

Oil-Prone Shale Plays: The Illusion of Energy Independence
Arthur Berman – Independent Geologist and Principal, Labryrinth Consulting Services

Panel Discussion
Tadeusz Patzek (Moderator) – Chair, Dept. of Petroleum Engineering, The University of Texas; President, ASPO-USA

Will Natural Gas Solve America’s Oil Problems?

Debunking the 100-Year Natural Gas Supply Myth
Bill Powers  – Editor, Powers Energy Investor

Shale Gas & Tight Oil: A Panacea for the Energy Woes of America?
David Hughes – Geoscientist Fellow, Post Carbon Institute; Former Research Manager, Geological Survey of Canada

Panel Discussion
Deborah Rogers (Moderator) – Fmr Stock Broker, Merrill Lynch; Advisory Committee Mbr., Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Mukul Sharma – Professor, Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, The University of Texas
Jonathan Olson – Associate Professor, Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, The University of Texas

Global Oil Supply and Competing Demand for Oil Exports

The Future of Oil: Geology vs. Technology
Michael Kumhof – Senior Researcher and Deputy Division Chief, International Monetary Fund

Outlook for OPEC Demand & Implications for Global Exports
Mark Lewis – Managing Director for Commodities Research and Head of Energy Research, Deutsche Bank

Panel Discussion
Jeffrey J. Brown (Moderator) – Independent Geologist; ASPO-USA Board Vice-President

Featured Debate: Do Energy Limits Require a New Economic Framework?

Economic Growth in a High Oil Cost Environment
Jason Schenker – President and Chief Economist, Prestige Economics; Guest Host of Bloomberg Television’s ‘Street Smart’

Sustainability for the Second Half of the Age of Oil
Charles A.S. Hall – Professor, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, State University of New York; Co-author, Energy and the Wealth of Nations

Panel Discussion
James Galbraith (Moderator) – Professor of Economics and Chair of Business-Government Relation, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas

Day 2

Imagining a World of Increasing Oil Scarcity
Robert Rapier – Chief Technology Officer, Merica International

The Future of Transportation Fuels Demand & Environmental Challenges
Sonia Yeh – Research Scientist, Institute for Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis; Adjunct Research Professor, Department of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University

Why Is Media Missing the Story?: Communicating Peak Oil (Discussion)
Loren Steffy – Senior Business Columnist, Houston Chronicle
Greg Gordon – Investigative Reporter, McClatchy Newspapers
Robert Jensen (moderator) – Professor, School of Journalism, The University of Texas

Investing for the End of Cheap Oil
Will Martin – Author, “Investing for the End of Cheap Oil”


Matthew R. Simmons-M. King Hubbert Award – for excellence in energy education
Charles Hall – Professor, School of Environmental Science & Forestry, SUNY

Thomas S. Whipple Award – for outstanding volunteer leadership
Jim Baldauf – President Emeritus, ASPO-USA

Pioneer Awards
Will Martin
Post Carbon Institute

Oil, Gas & The Economy

Steven Kopits – Managing Director, Douglas-Westwood

Closing Discussion

Steven Kopits – Managing Director, Douglas-Westwood
Sheridan Titman – Professor of Finance, McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas
Robert Rapier – Chief Technology Officer, Merica International
Jim Hansen – Principal, Ravenna Capital Management

Closing Remarks

Tadeusz Patzek – Chair, Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, The University of Texas; President, ASPO-USA