The Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas USA (ASPO-USA) was a non-profit, non-partisan research and education organization created to advance understanding and positive action to address America’s energy challenges, particularly related to the prospect of oil scarcity in the face of rising global demand.

ASPO-USA’s annual conference was the preeminent North American gathering of professionals and civic leaders with a common goal to help better understand and adapt to an oil-constrained world.

The goal of this annual gathering was to bring together leading experts, cutting-edge research and analysis, innovative ideas, and pioneering leaders to exchange educational information and inspire positive action.

2006 ASPO-USA Conference – Boston, MA

2007 ASPO-USA Conference – Houston, TX

2008 ASPO-USA Conference – Sacramento, CA

2010 ASPO-USA Conference – Washington, DC

2011 ASPO-USA Conference – Washington, DC

2012 ASPO-USA Conference – Austin, TX