To help kick-off ASPO-USA’s relocation to Washington DC, reconnect with old friends, and build relationships with new partners, an informal reception was held in DC on June 11, in conjunction with a meeting of ASPO-USA’s Board of Directors. On a particularly warm Saturday afternoon, on the back patio of the Omni Shoreham Hotel, overlooking the Omni’s historic gardens and Rock Creek Park, more than 40 guests gathered to talk about current affairs, energy, and the direction of ASPO-USA’s work.

In addition to ASPO-USA members and supporters based in the Washington DC area, representatives from a wide variety of national non-profit groups, business and trade associations, federal agencies, Congressional offices, and other organizations were invited to meet ASPO-USA Board members and staff, provide their perspective on our work, and explore opportunities to collaborate. The diverse interests and backgrounds made for many interesting conversations and demonstrated the importance and value of ASPO-USA’s efforts to engage new partners. Attendees included economists, geologists, educators, entrepreneurs, financial experts, policy analysts, communication professionals, and advocates on energy and transportation issues, among many others.

A key role and challenge for ASPO-USA is to harness the power of such diverse perspectives and partners, to build a broader, stronger base of support for tackling our Peak Oil and energy challenges.

To help grow ASPO-USA’s partnerships and increase our overall capacity, we will be making more strategic and organized use of our extensive roster of friends, supporters, and advisors-people we fondly refer to as our “Peak Oil pioneers.” We have opportunities for volunteers to help in areas such as communications, research, policy analysis, organizing, and outreach. If you are interested in becoming more involved with ASPO-USA, please contact Ray Long at rlong (at)