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The Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas – USA (ASPO-USA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2005 to encourage prudent energy management, equitable community transformation, and cooperative initiatives in an era of depleting petroleum resources.  Our tools are qualitative analysis based on facts, a preference for independent action, and the confidence we can make a difference.  Our methods include a comprehensive program of public education, a positive endorsement of practical solutions, and an honest attempt to encourage competing parties to cooperate for their mutual benefit.

We are united by our concern for the potential cultural, economic and ecological impacts of petroleum depletion.  Prudent energy resource management must include conservation and efficiency, ecologically responsible energy production and consumption, and the development of alternative energy resources.  Petroleum depletion will inevitably force extensive cultural change.  Of particular interest is the development of a constructive response within our state, municipal and county infrastructure, the implementation of a pragmatic federal agenda, and the formation of productive partnerships between private and public organizations.

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