As far back as its initial date of publication, a cartoon drawn by Denver-based cartoonist Ed Stein in 1977 was a favorite of well-known individuals concerned about long-term world oil supply constraints. Said group includes M. King Hubbert, L.F. “Buzz” Ivanhoe, and Walter Youngquist. Last week ASPO-USA commissioned Ed to draw an updated version, shown above, as well as some other topical new work. Other samples of Ed’s work are viewable at and he is available at . Some comments from Ed about this particular rendition:

“I drew this cartoon while I was still freelancing, selling the Rocky Mountain News a couple of cartoons a week and hoping they’d hire me as their cartoonist full time. They finally did in 1978. When I drew the first version of this cartoon, I was still struggling to develop a distinctive style, and frankly, my drawings weren’t very good. Okay, they were awful. Over the years this cartoon kept getting reprinted, and every time I saw it I cringed. Life doesn’t offer many do-overs, so when ASPO-USA asked me to create some cartoons for them, I jumped at the chance to draw it again.”