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One of the strengths of every ASPO-USA conference is the opportunity for conference attendees to interact with leading Peak Oil experts, as well as each other. Focused discussions with conference speakers and side conversations with people sitting next to you or in the hallway are often some of the most valuable conference experiences. For many, simply being in a room filled with people that are deeply knowledgeable about Peak Oil and its implications is worth the trip by itself.

This year, to promote those rich discussions, ASPO-USA has planned numerous networking opportunities throughout the conference, including special roundtable sessions and a workshop for educators and students on Saturday, November 5th, the final day of the conference.

A Welcome Reception for all speakers and attendees is planned for the first evening of the conference Wednesday, November 2nd. On Friday, November 4th, there will be a Speaker’s Dinner where attendees can have in-depth discussions with speakers and special guests. Both evening events will be excellent opportunities to interact with speakers and fellow attendees.

The Saturday morning sessions will be in a roundtable/workgroup format. Conference speakers and other experts will help lead these sessions where the focus will be on interactions with YOU and other conference attendees. Four different sessions are planned:

* Investors Roundtable: An exchange of key information to guide financial decisions in a world of Peak Oil and energy uncertainty. Bring your questions, thoughts, and observations about the financial future of your firm and your family.

* Community Adaptation and the Post-Peak Economy: Join this session to discuss potential scenarios and local strategies with leaders working in the trenches to plan and prepare for a post-peak economy. Share views on how you and your community will adapt to an energy and economic transition.

* Bringing Peak Oil into the National Policy Debate: Federal policy issues related to energy, the economy, transportation, infrastructure and other critical areas already face huge political and funding challenges. How does the prospect of rising fuel prices and potential fuel shortages change the debate for these interconnected issues? Share your thoughts on policy choices for a new economic and energy reality.

* Innovative Communications – Writing a New American Story: Communicating about Peak Oil is not only about the “What” but increasingly about the “How.” In this session, journalists and experts in media, communications, psychology, and social media will help you develop creative ways to communicate complex issues regarding energy and the economy. Other conference speakers and panelists and will also participate to help develop a new and compelling narrative about America’s future.