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Image RemovedMany peak oil watchers know Tom Whipple as the chief editor and irresistible force behind ASPO-USA’s flagship publications Peak Oil News and Peak Oil Review, which reach subscribers around the world.

Fewer people know of Tom’s equally formidable work in his home state of Virginia, where a generation of elected officials, political observers, journalists, and engaged citizens have relied on “The Whipple Report” to stay current on Virginia government and politics. After 15 years of publishing a daily compilation of press clippings and commentary, Tom is retiring from the project; however, the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP) has agreed to take over the daily email service and preserve the legacy of Tom’s work.

“Tom Whipple’s selfless dedication is the stuff of legend,” said David Poole, VPAP’s executive director at their annual breakfast where Tom’s work was celebrated and his retirement was officially announced. The column has been considered a “must-read” for anyone involved in media, politics, or legislative affairs. Poole went on to comment, “we open his emails with a sense of wonder. How can there be this person who rises before dawn each day, scans the news, and sends me exactly what I need?” Countless subscribers have expressed their appreciation and gratitude for Tom’s work. As one subscriber noted, Tom’s work has “set the tone for rational discussion and consideration.”

Fortunately for the peak oil and energy community, Tom Whipple has brought that same tenacity and tireless dedication to his work on Peak Oil News and Peak Oil Review since their inception in 2006. Tom will be continuing his work on both publications, and we can all be grateful for the wealth of information they bring to our desktops, seemingly like magic. But it’s not magic, it’s Tom Whipple.

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