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Thanks to everyone who responded to our member-reader survey. We received more than 400 responses and hundreds of individual comments–most of them positive we are pleased to report, but also some much-appreciated constructive criticism.

Below are graphs summarizing responses to the multiple choice questions which give a basic but important snapshot of our member-readers.

The verbal comments were too diverse to capture in detail, but aside from general praise telling us to “keep up the good work” and “your work is more vital than ever,” the main thrust can be summarized as “more education and outreach!”

That feedback is tremendously helpful, especially since building a more robust outreach program is exactly what we have been working to do.  As many of you know, facts and good analysis are not enough. We need to bring useful information to leaders and decision-makers who need it most.

With your support, we’re getting there.

Thanks for being a part of ASPO-USA!


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