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True to its name, ASPO-USA’s strength lies in its “association” and the collective brain power of its members, affiliates, and partners.  Over its seven-year history, including seven annual conferences, ASPO-USA has developed a vast network of leading experts that contribute to ASPO-USA’s work in multiple ways-from providing strategic counsel and technical input to creating specific content for ASPO-USA’s publications and other information resources.

To further build on this legacy and more effectively harness the strength of its expert network, ASPO-USA is creating working groups focused on different issue areas, to help guide and support ASPO-USA’s work.  These working groups will help deepen ASPO-USA’s capacity to address core oil and energy issues, as well as broaden our capacity to address different aspects and consequences of Peak Oil.  At present, ASPO-USA advisory board members comprise most of the working groups, however, there are numerous opportunities for ASPO-USA members to get involved with contributing to and supporting the work of different working groups.

If you are interested in learning more about ASPO-USA’s working groups, or would like to explore other volunteer leadership opportunities, please email us at or give us a call at 202-470-4809, ext. 1.  We can fashion a role for you that fits your interests and schedule.

The Oil and Gas Supply Group is naturally central to our work, and is already helping us better track trends and synthesize information related to the price and availability of oil and gas supply-from both conventional and unconventional sources.  Other fundamental issue areas that will be addressed by different working groups include:

  • Economy
  • National Security & Geo-Politics
  • Renewable Energy & Oil Alternatives
  • Transportation
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Climate & Environment
  • Population & Consumption

Other working groups are focused on supporting functional roles rather than specific technical areas, including:

  • Communications & Media
  • Public Policy
  • Information Technology (IT) & Social Media
  • Educators & Students
  • Conference & Events

Again, if you are interested in getting involved, please feel free to contact us at or 202-470-4809, ext 1.