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ASPO-USA is providing input and comments to two major studies being conducted by the National Petroleum Council (NPC)-an assessment of North American oil and gas resources and a comparative study of future transportation fuels.  Executive director Jan Lars Mueller participated in a recent meeting of the oil and gas study committee in February, and is drawing on the expertise of ASPO-USA’s Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and partner network to provide comments to both studies.  For more information or to highlight specific issues of concern, please contact Jan at jmueller[at]

The National Petroleum Council, an advisory body established in 1946 by the Secretary of Interior at the direction of President Harry Truman, and now chartered by the Secretary of Energy, was created to bring private sector expertise and experience to the service of the federal government and the nation.  The focus of the NPC’s work remains on oil and gas, but also includes a broad perspective on national and international energy issues.

In 2007, the NPC produced its landmark report, Hard Truths About Energy , which highlighted, among other issues, the challenges facing the oil and gas industry to meet rising global oil demand.   ASPO-USA participated in that study, often providing a “minority” perspective that diverged from conventional industry views.  The goal of the NPC’s work is to present findings that clearly and accurately describe the state of knowledge and diversity of views on any given subject.  It does not attempt to form a consensus among study participants, nor does it make explicit recommendations.