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ASPO-USA is pleased to announce the addition of two distinguished members to the Board of Directors, as part of efforts to expand and strengthen the Board.  Arthur Berman, a notable geologist and analyst working in the oil and natural gas industry, and Megan Quinn Bachman, a leading voice on community-scale strategies for coping with a changing energy future, were officially nominated to the Board  in December, and began their three-year terms in 2011.  Their experience, knowledge, and skills will greatly enhance and diversify the organization’s leadership capacity.  “Mr. Berman and Ms. Bachman bring intellectual heft and cutting edge ideas,” noted ASPO-USA Board President Jim Baldauf, “we look forward to having the benefit of their unique perspectives as we expand the scope of our work.”

Image RemovedMr. Berman is currently a geological consultant and principal with Labyrinth Consulting Services, based in Houston, Texas.  He specializes in prospect and play evaluation, reserve assessment, risk evaluation, subsurface geological and geophysical interpretation, and database management.  His expertise on the technical and economic challenges facing the natural gas industry, especially regarding shale gas and other unconventional sources, is regularly consulted by industry analysts and investors.  Mr. Berman is a regular contributor to The Oil Drum and other energy-focused publications, and a frequent guest commentator for broadcast and print media outlets.  He has 32 years of oil and gas industry experience, including 20 years with Amoco Production Company and 10 years as an independent consultant.

Image RemovedMs. Bachman was for five years the outreach director for the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions, a non-profit organization based in Yellow Springs, Ohio, which focuses on local efforts to transition to a world with less oil.  In that role, she was a frequent spokesperson and sought-after commentator on the implications of scarce oil for local economies and community life.  She brings extensive knowledge about catalyzing and leading change at the local level which will be an important complement to ASPO-USA’s work on national and international scale issues.  Ms. Bachman is currently a reporter for the Yellow Springs News, an award-winning independent weekly founded in 1880.